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iGO Primo Western Europe Mapping software for Dynavin CAMPER VANS




ONLY for N7-DC / N7-DC Pro / N7-DCNR / N7-DCNR Pro and N7 6205 Pro – C


1 in stock (can be backordered)


for N7-DC / N7-DC Pro / N7-DCNR / N7-DCNR Pro and N7 6205 Pro – C

All Dynavin multifunction devices are delivered with the iGO-Primo navigation software. The software is on an 8GB MicroSD card, which is inserted into the card slot provided (N7 platform).

The map material includes maps from 46 countries in Europe.


With TTS version: TTS function (Text to Speech), the announcement of street names

Truck version for caravans and commercial vehicles: The software adapts the route to your vehicle dimensions (W x H x D).

Tunnel view: So that the driver is not distracted, the program shows the tunnel interior view

Lane Assistant: Helps the driver to find the right lane before turning

A real display of street signs

speed warning

Voice guidance in 28 languages

Traffic signs are displayed with additional information

Display of the next two maneuvers

Sound dimmer

While a navigation announcement is being made, the background music is gently turned down.

TMC / traffic jam reports

The TMC signals provide you with important traffic information when using the navigation system via the radio station. This includes traffic jams, accidents, or other important traffic information. The navigation software uses this to recalculate or adjust routes. With the new platform, it is no longer necessary to install an additional TMC antenna, because this is also picked up by the radio antenna.

Target search

Extensive search options (e.g. along the route / on the map)

Optional or included depending on the system: truck version with camping and parking spaces


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